Children "body wear" help Epipen high costs

Finding and choosing an epinephrine auto injector carrier that kids will be willing to wear can be more than challenging. Unfortunately, many children will make their parents believe that they always have their epinephrine auto injectors with them.

Most children want to carry their Epipen's or AuviQ's,  but the minute they arrive at school or at a friends house wearing a fanny pack,  or a pouch that hooks to their belt,  they will take them off and will hide them in the first place they see. They simply don't want to stand out nor have to deal with the usual questions or comments triggered by most epi carriers. I can't remember how many times I have spoken to parents who said;  "My kid is very mature for his age...and he always keeps his Epipen's near him" .  Near him? that's what  I also thought until the day I saw my son putting the Epipen's in a "very safe place" a hidden place so that other kids wouldn't mess up with them.  
Kids LegBuddy Size XS

Where are some of the places kids  hide their bags with the Epipen's? Behind bushes next to entrance doors,  under a bench, behind a garbage can, inside any drawer, under sofas and beds, even under bathroom and garage sinks. Unintentionally, by not carrying their epi's on them,  they are taking risks that are greater than they could comprehend at such young age.

The medical community frequently reports that the majority of patients who experienced an allergic anaphylactic  reaction had  trouble communicating their symptoms, felt confused. Carrying the Epipen's inside a piece of clothing comfortably strapped to their leg's or waist with a medical alert symbol helps other notice that you are carrying emergency medications. 

No plastic buckles Epipen belt
WaistPal  unique design:
The WaistPal undergarment waist sling was designed to carry and conceal up to two epipens. It  is by far the best option for kids ages 5 and over. This waist concealed sling has details that no adult could have thought about, all thanks to a kid that decided to help his mom design a carrier that was comfortable to wear.  His main reason wasn't  because he really thought he needed to have the epi's strapped to his body,  but mainly because he really wanted his mom to stop  following him everywhere he went.  For over ten years, not even once, has he been outside his home without having the Epipen's on him.

Why is easier to self carry the Epipen's inside the  WaistPal? Because it was created to be worn as as an undergarment soft concealed sling. It has no plastic buckles, buttons, or metal pieces that could pinch or injured the skin. Unfortunately, many parents feel that getting the latest running belt or fanny pack is the "normal" thing to do, and forget that a kid with food allergies needs to wear an epineprhine carrier on them at all times. Kids will be kids and will often play rough, fall, or get pushed while playing with friends.

Why basketball, volleyball and soccer, and physical education uniforms don't use plastic buckles or any kind of hooks? To eliminate the risk of accidents.  Remember, a broken buckle while playing sports could be as dangerous as carrying  a knife, even if it is made out of plastic.

allergy alert epipen WaistPal concealed undergarment sling
WaistPal with Epipen inside front pocket.
The WaistPal is manufactured by OmaxCare   designed paying attention to make every detail the best possible.  Inside is fully lined with soft fabrics, latex free,  outside waterproof neoprene, contours to your body, no buckles, cool athletic design, medical alert symbol,  reinforced stitching makes it durable, easy to put on and take off, one slim pocket on the front and another one on the back,  comfort plus and fast access Epipen pockets.  

Where to buy:
One click order for anyone that already has an Amazon account. AllergyNeeds sells first aid carriers in While at search for Allergyneeds (no space) or waistpal is the company that manufactures the WaisPal and their e-comerce store has been securely doing business for almost ten years. They accept all major credit cards and all payments are securely processed by PayPal.

Stay safe, be safe, and prepared to stop food allergies from escalating to life threatening anaphylactic shock. Self carry Epipens on you at all times. Please make sure to start teaching allergic kids to self carry their epi's before they enter school. Get them an Epipen or Auvi-Q carrier they will wear and helped them create the habit of not leaving home without their epi's.
WaistPal epipen safe carrier for ages 5 and over.

Two slimPocket Sleves holds one Epipen in front and another one in the back

Small children Epipen pouches

Photos of small children ages five and over showing how they carry emergency medications such as epineprhine Anapen, Epipen, Insulin, at all times. 

They are all wearing "Body Wear" WaistPal and LegBuddy designed and made by a family of three in the United Estates. 

How Epipen high cost forcing kids to carry them

Will kids and teens feel awkward having to wear a fanny pack pouch and big medical alert signs that tells everyone they have some kind of food allergy.  

Yes they will, but better safe than sorry. As a parent or a friend, the best thing you can do for a child with food allergies is to help them develop the habit of self carrying the epinephrine auto injectors  at all times. Not inside the backpack but inside a "Body Wear" epineprhine carrier.  

The family that founded OmaxCare always tells the story of how finding a waist pack or pouch the men in the family would wear for more than few days was such an  impossible task, that they started manufacturing them.  The first one was the LegBuddy concealed leg holster, then the Waistpal undergarment waist sling with no buckles which is great for when you are playing sports or wearing shorts to school. 

Parents, please don't wait too long to start teaching your child about the importance of self carrying "the kit".  If you wait until they are teenagers it will be twice as difficult and will cause a lot of arguments that could affect even the strongest parent child relationship. If you pass the responsibility of carrying the life saving medications to the child as soon as they enter their school years, you will need to remind them often, and probably loose couple of auto-injectors, but as time goes by it just becomes a habit.  

Don't just carry Epipen's inside a bag

During an emergency bags can be difficult to find, and no matter how much you try, it is impossible to have them on your shoulder at all times.  Cargo pants are great, and an undergarment sling or a leg holster like the LegBuddy and WaistPal can help discreetly carry and conceal the auto injectors. Every person that has anaphylaxis food allergies needs to carry an epinephrine auto injector ON them at all times. Today there are  epicarriers available to do so. No more excuses! Self carry epinephrine.  

Make it a rule that can't be broken

Having to carry life saving epinephrine auto injectors is something no one likes to do and no one knows how difficult it is until you need to do so,  but it is one of the easiest tasks to learn about living with food allergy and anaphylaxis especially if your parents made it a rule that couldn't be broken while you where growing up. 

Shampoo and Conditioner for Dogs with Allergies

Easy do Make Allergy Free Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

#1. One Tbsp. baking soda mixed with 8 oz. hot water. Shake until well dissolved. 
A disposable water container lor a squirt bottle works great.Shampoo: the baking soda mixi replaces the shampoo

#2. In a separate container, mix 1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar with 8 oz. water. Shake it well. The vinegar mix is the conditioner. 

How to use:
Before applying this natural  shampoo, wet hair well, rub in some of the baking soda and gently scrub it in.

If you or someone you love has anaphylaxis
 allergies, please encourage them to self
carry their epineprhine Epipen at all
times.  Be a buddy.
by LegBuddy from OmaxCare
Apply the vinegar mix, rub it in and rinse. 
Substitute ingredient: use lemon use instead of vinegar

Healthy Looking shinning hair!

If you want to use some on your long hair the 8 oz.  prepared mix will give you about 4-5 washing's. 

Best Insulated Storage for Medications research shows that an Inconspicuous waist sling was the best solution.

kid with food allergies designs carrier

The LegBuddy now called by many "Smart Allergy Wearable" and "Body Wear" has given thousands of kids a tool to be inconspicuous about their food allergy conditions.

Is was the first and continues to be the only discreet carriers concealed holster that is not only discreet and comfortably to wear but made of high quality neoprene material that helps make it Fire retardant, water resistant and maintains the temperature of the medications.

Recent research by a Wilderness Medicine Team who were approach by the makers of Epipen to get imput from them on what happened to the auto injectors during one of there expeditions.

What they discovered was during long travels, especially in  Winter the cooling wallets, fist aid containers and kits they carried were not able to maintain the recommended temperature of the epinephrine auto injectors and other first aid medications.  What work best was that storing them next to "Human Body Heat" non went bad.

 When they published their findings they mentioned that since body heat keeps temperature sensitive medications "Body Wear" carriers are the best solution and the WaistPal and LegBudy were the only ones mentioned.

storage of temperature sensitive medications inside WaistPal sling

Many Students now carry their #epipen to school

Can I child carry their Epipen to school?
Depending on the state, the law  wording  about  the permission to carry the epinephrine (ie  epi 
pen) may also extend to activities held on school property, and during transportation to and from 
school or school-related events. Many of these state laws also apply to other prescriptions such 
as asthma medications.

Click here to see
 the list of sates

Many parents of older kids who are now in college, made sure to hide their children epinephrine under their uniforms
and prefer to follow the don't ask don't tell approach.  Was it the right thing to do? If you ask any of them, they will say 

concealed waistpal 
with auviq inside

Can you get to the Epipen in five seconds?

Do you know where the #Epipens or Adrenaline Shots are? Could you grab them in less than five seconds? If you are having an #anaphylaxis reaction, will those around you find your life saving epinephrine's?

Get those epi's out of the kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers, medicine cabinets, and bags. Place

them inside a clear bowl or nice shallow basket in a high traffic area and visible to everyone: on a table or shelf by the home entrance, on a hook next to the front door, or next to where home and car keys are always placed.

Think of first aid epinephrine #carriers, #holsters#pouches and #waist slings as the most important and "must have" clothing accessory. Make sure you get only those that have prominently displayed the universal medical alert symbol which will help others easily find where you keep your epi's in case of an emergency.  

In 2005 the OmaxCare family decided to make available to others three products they designed for their personal use: the #Legbuddy holster, the #WaistPal athletic sling with no buckles and the leather case #WaistBuddy

One Epinephrine carrier for every daily activity
For adults and parents who need to pass along the responsibility of carrying their children epi's the #WaistBuddy is an elegant and functional clip on case handsomely crafted with boxed leather. A leather covered strong metal rotating clip makes it easy to clip on to pants and skirts without the need of wearing a belt. 

WaistPal Front Pocket with one Epipen inside

The WaistPal is ideal for anyone age five and older.  Designed with no plastic buckles, fully lined, waterproof, fire-retardant and easy access insulated pockets has made this unique product the #1 Epipen carrier among students of all ages.

The concealed LegBuddy is  a great choice to discreetly and comfortably carrying any first aid kits medications especially prescription emergency med's such as the epineprhine auto injectors Epipen and/or AuviQ. Available in three sizes and seasonal colors, this well designed high quality carrier is made of high quality neoprene that helps maintain the temperature of the medications and is also water resistant and fire retardant.
WaistBuddy available at
LegBuddy first aid epipen holster by OmaxCare

How teens and men can comfortably carry their life saving medications

Why teens and men don't carry their epinephrine?
The large size of the #Epipen tubes is one of the most common reasons why teens ( especially males) say they do not carry their epi's. 

Teen males feel they are always struggling with the issue of carrying the epinephrine.  Many students  carry them  inside a back pack to school/college,  but if they are going out most will leave them at home. “It’s not because we are stupid” …a 19 year old teen stood up and said in a recent food allergy conference.
"Is that they don’t fit in your pant pockets, and if they do,
it creates a funny bulge that makes you look like a weirdo".   

 A new #Auvi-Q talking devise that was smaller in size was only available for a little over a year, but the manufacturers recalled all the products. So waiting for a small auto -injector is not an option.

Regardless of the size of the injectors, when teens and men are given an undergarment epinephrine carrier such as a leg holster or a belt sling that they can hide under their clothing they are more likely to self carry their epi's.

It is also more difficult when you are diagnosed with the allergies at a later age.  If a person starts carrying tmedications when they are in elementary school it just becomes natural.

Help spread the word about epipen and  undergarment carriers.  You could help save a life. Unfortunately, teen boys  and adult males are the least likely to carry their #epineprhine auto injectors and therefore more likely to have a fatal #anaphylaxis allergic reactions.

If you know someone that has food allergies encourage them and assit them in finding an epi carrier. Most don't know they exist. 

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Allergic to Bees Sting? Whatch out what you eat.

LegBuddy first Emergency Shots is Insulated
Water Resistant & Fire Retardant
concealed epipen carriers by omaxcare
Allergies to bee stings and  foods to avoid.
According to the medical there are certain foods that should be avoided if you are #allergic to #bees, such as #honey and royal jelly. Also become vigilant about not only reading food product labels but also check the ingredients in health care products. For example, propolis is waxy substance collected by bees because they travel by leaf buds and the barks of trees. Propolis is occasionally included in butters, spreads and jelly. Recently, propolis has surfaced in mouthwashes and toothpaste. 

Most importantly always be prepared in case of an allergic reaction.  Bees could be found where you least expect it therefore the only way to be safe if you are allergic to them is to self carry the #epinephrine injections such as the #Epipen or #Auvi-Q on you at all times. Self administering epinephrine right away has proven that it could help save your life.  

Never leave the epinephrine inside a car.  Leaving the Epipen in the car will damage the medicine, and inside a purse or back pack is not as safe as you might think.   Research has proven that during a severe allergic reaction people have difficulties concentrating and remembering where they left their purse or bag, even worse many will l loose consciousness. 

When carrying the bulky large tubes with the auto-injectors inside pockets becomes a daily challenge, to say the least. Teens, especially boys, often comment about their daily struggle and anxiety brought by having to choose between putting the Epipen inside their pant pockets and looking awkward because of the "bulge" it creates or leaving the Epipens behind.  To ensure 100% compliance with carrying the epinephrine the mother of a boy born with multiple food allergies designed a leg holster that are not only convenient to use by also quite stylish.  The leg holster  LegBuddy is made of soft neoprene which makes it also very light in weight.  There are few other options for the waist which you should also get if you have an active lifestyle to ensure you also carry them when wearing sports shorts.You can find the WaistPal, WaistBuddy and LegBuddy at, .

Think of the Epipen as the most important item you must have access to at all times.  Place the epi holster next to your cel phone and make it a habit to put it on right before you put on your shoes. 

No more excuses get an Epipen holder   as soon as possible, even better, do so right. If you are reading this article you have internet connection so stop postponing this task. 

Accidents do happen and having the epi's could not only help save your life but will also give you the freedom to do and go wherever you want worry free. Check out this video how a teen carries his #Epipen everywhere he goes.