Best Insulated Storage for Medications research shows that an Inconspicuous waist sling was the best solution.

kid with food allergies designs carrier

The LegBuddy now called by many "Smart Allergy Wearable" and "Body Wear" has given thousands of kids a tool to be inconspicuous about their food allergy conditions.

Is was the first and continues to be the only discreet carriers concealed holster that is not only discreet and comfortably to wear but made of high quality neoprene material that helps make it Fire retardant, water resistant and maintains the temperature of the medications.

Recent research by a Wilderness Medicine Team who were approach by the makers of Epipen to get imput from them on what happened to the auto injectors during one of there expeditions.

What they discovered was during long travels, especially in  Winter the cooling wallets, fist aid containers and kits they carried were not able to maintain the recommended temperature of the epinephrine auto injectors and other first aid medications.  What work best was that storing them next to "Human Body Heat" non went bad.

 When they published their findings they mentioned that since body heat keeps temperature sensitive medications "Body Wear" carriers are the best solution and the WaistPal and LegBudy were the only ones mentioned.

storage of temperature sensitive medications inside WaistPal sling

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