How to stay married after having a baby, when I hate my husband, my husband thinks he is always right, my husband thinks he is perfect, homeschooling because of food allergies is what he wants.

Most couples, if not all, that got married from 1992 to 2000 thought that   "I hate my husband" "I hate my wife"  "My husband thinks he is always right" "Being faithful  makes couples happy" was a problem from their parents generation.

my husband thinks he is always right food allergy definition How to stay married after having a baby when both parents are involved was trending. Looking back "involved" meant many things. It meant that men had to change diapers, cook, feed kids and moms had to go out and work, make money and/or become "soccer moms".Women going to work and  "stay at home Dad's" became cool, homeschooling meant freedom for parents. Affordable day care centers and nanny services made couples feel that they could be better parents than the ones that raised them.

The sudden increase of children born with all these new "things" like food allergies, autism, celiac, asperger,  ADD, and so on are not only affecting the health of children but have become one of the most unrecognized "hidden not spoken reasons"  why a married couple relationship begins to break down.

When a child is diagnosed with any kind of "condition" such as life threatening food allergies usually the mother becomes the "overprotective" parent looking out against all enemies, and the husband is more than often viewed as one of those opponents. The mom monitors what food allergens the husband eats and how well he cleaned up afterward.

food allergies epipenIs your fault that our child was born with food allergies. Every day a new study is published about what causes food allergies. Results range from genetics, to living in an extra clean environment, food additives, pesticides, and even the water we drink. Bottom line, more research is still on the works, so don't waste your time on this subject. You don't even know what our child is allergic just don't care. Both parents need to be exposed to the same facts and experiences regarding children’s health. Both parents should go to the doctor appointments or therapies, school meetings and other important activities so that they get the same experiences and input.
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The good news is that it will take time, but couples can unite with the purpose of finding a way to manage food allergies in our household. Coping with any life-threatening medical condition in a child is a heavy burden especially on the parent doing the bulk of the daily childcare. As a couple, it is crucial to have frequent discussions and find common grounds. Use the list of potential conflicts below to begin these discussions. Keep adding questions of your own as situations that cause conflict come up to make sure you don't forget to discuss how to manage it next time it happens. Review it on a regular basis to ensure 100% compliance.

About Anaphylaxis Food Allergies
food allergy and anaphylaxis treatment epipen Having a child with special needs and/or food allergies could challenge any relationship. One thing that parents need to do is to teach the child with food allergies what they can and can't eat and how to self carry their Epipen's .  Having to carry to large tubes with the epipen epineprhine auto injectors is not easy at all, but if you grow up doing so it's just normal. So parents, help your children get used to carry their life saving epipens 24/7/

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