What foods to avoid if allergic to bees?

According to experts, there are certain foods that should be avoided if you are allergic to bees, such as
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honey and royal jelly. Also become vigilant about not only reading food product labels but also check the ingredients in health care products. For example, propolis is waxy substance collected by bees because they travel by leaf buds and the barks of trees.

Propolis is occasionally included in butters, spreads and jelly. Recently, propolis has surfaced in mouthwashes and toothpaste. Most importantly be prepared in case of an emergency. Self carry the epinephrine injections on you at all times.

Having immediate access to your epi pen could save your life. Leaving the Epipen in the car will damage the medicine, and inside a purse or back pack is not as safe as you might think. Research has proven that during a severe allergic reaction people have difficulties concentrating and remembering where they left their purse or bag, even worse many will l loose consciousness.

Carrying the bulky large tubes with the auto-injectors inside pockets could be a challenge, to say the least. Teens, especially boys, often comment about their daily struggle and anxiety brought by having to choose between putting the Epipen inside their pant pockets and looking awkward because of the "bulge" it creates or leaving the Epipens behind. To ensure 100% compliance with carrying the epinephrine the mother of a boy born with multiple food allergies designed a leg holster that are not only convenient to use by also quite stylish.

The leg holster LegBuddy is made of soft neoprene which makes it also very light in weight. You can
find them at Omaxcare.com and Concealedepi.com. There are few other options for the waist which you should also get if you have an active lifestyle to ensure you also carry them when wearing sports shorts.

Think of the Epipen as the most important item you must have access to at all times. Place the epi holster next to your cel phone and make it a habit to put it on right before you put on your shoes. Search the internet for Epipen holders and get one as soon as possible, accidents do happen and having the epi's could not only help save your life but will also give you the freedom to do and go wherever you want worry free.

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