What is an Auvi-Q?

Auvi-Q is the newest epinephrine auto injector devise that became available in the US in 2013.

SANOFI AUVI-Q(TM)Auvi-Q™ (epinephrine injection, USP) has the same medication, epineprhine as the Epipen.  Both products have the same medication but the difference is the mechanism of  the auto-injectors. Both are available in US retail pharmacies nationwide with a prescription from a healthcare provider.

Auvi-Q is the first-and-only epinephrine auto-injector with audio and visual cues for the emergency treatment of life-threatening allergic reactions in people who are at risk for or have a history of anaphylaxis.

Up to six million Americans may be at risk for anaphylaxis, although the precise incidence is unknown and likely under-reported.

Multiple studies have found an association between delay in epinephrine administration and death from anaphylaxis. Life-threatening allergic reactions may occur as a result of exposure to allergens including foods such as peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, dairy, eggs, soy and wheat; insect stings; latex and medication, among other allergens and causes.

About Auvi-Q
Auvi-Q provides users with audible and visual cues, including a five-second injection countdown and an alert light to signal when the injection is complete. Auvi-Q also features an automatic retractable needle mechanism to help prevent accidental needle sticks.

About Anaphylaxis
The signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis can vary from person to person and from one episode to the next. Some people may have hives/itching, facial or tongue swelling, which makes it difficult to breathe or swallow, while others may experience nausea and vomiting. These symptoms may begin within seconds, minutes or hours after exposure to the allergen. The best prevention method for anaphylaxis is avoidance of the specific allergen(s).
When a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction occurs, epinephrine should be administered immediately and patients and caregivers should seek immediate medical attention. Patients and caregivers should always carry and know how to use an epinephrine auto-injector to treat emergency allergic reactions. Without treatment, anaphylaxis can result in death within a matter of minutes.

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