Best case for insulin and/or epipen ~ discreet insulated body wear.

Body heat + WaistPal is the best insulated  storage for temperature sensitive #Epipen and even #Insulin especially during long winter travels, according to study  results published by wilderness medicine team. 

Why the #Waistpal 
Fast Access:  Two compartments (one front & one back)
Discreet: Only 1.5 inches wide (3.81cm)
Comfortable:  Soft Neoprene material that contours to your body. Fully lined.
No Pinch:  No plastic buckles
No itching: Like a soft underwear, fully lined with no nylon stitches and fully lined in the inside with breathable thin neoprene.
Waterproof Outside Pockets:Made of neoprene good for canoeing, camping, or play in the snow.
Athletic Design: Flexible on the sides so you can move easily.
No Bouncing: Instead of one large pouch it has two small tight compartments so it won't move or bounce when you run. 

"My son asked for a Waistpal for his birthday. He is only six and I was quite sad when he said that 
it was all  he wanted. Now that he is going for the first time  to a summercamp I realized that he was smarter than me. I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT BEFORE.  He likes it because is comfortable and his friends think it looks cool. I love it because I know my son has his #epipens with him. They are not inside a medicine cabinet or inside the bag of a summercamp councelor"
Peter G.

"WaistPal is an awesome product, it could be called a belt, but it doesn't have the uncomfortable buckles that make every belt quite difficult to wear. It's so comfortable  and  practical that I can't believe that something like this could have made my life much easier. Thanks for making my "living with allergies" much easier than ever."Jim C.

"My kid calls it his secret allergy weapon holster because he  likes to hide it under his shirts. He loves the fact that is easy to put on and it doesn't restrain his movements so he can run and play while wearing it." Marion L.

Kids waterproof epipen pouch Waistpal (Front Pocket)

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