Kids and Pre-teens with #food allergies need to #carry their #epinephrine even if their school has one in every classroom.

Efforts to have two #Epipen epinephrine auto injectors to treat severe allergic reactions in every class room are extremely important, especially for kids who might develop anaphylaxis food allergies at a later age.  What parents of students who already know that their kids have #anaphylaxis allergies should ensure they are self carrying their epi's even if there is one in their school classroom.

The minute a Dr. gives you a prescription for a an Epipen (or Auvi-q) get the injectors and start teaching your kid to self carry their epinephrine. Are they going to feel different or weird because they need to carry epinephrine ? Yes they will, but better safe than sorry. My son is now a teenager and the best thing I did as a mom was not only to teach him to self carry the Epipens but also made it a rule . You can't go out of the house without shoes...right? Same with the epi's.

As your child grows older, with your help and supervision, carrying their epi's becomes a habit. Start by helping them find an epi carrier they feel comfortable with and make sure it attaches to their bodies. Cargo pants are great, and undergarment belts or a leg holster are even better. The WaistPal is a winner among students because it helps them discreetly conceal the auto injectors. 

Every person that has anaphylaxis  allergies needs to carry an epinephrine auto injector ON them at all times. Today there are numerous epi carriers available to do so. No excuses! Nothing safer than having the Epipens (or auviq) on you.  

The #WaistPal and other discreet modern cool looking #Epipen and #AuviQ #carriers that are great for school students as young as 5 years of age are available at: Amazon StoreYahoo Store

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waistpal epipen carrier for kids, and teens.