Can you get to the Epipen in five seconds?

Do you know where the #Epipens or Adrenaline Shots are? Could you grab them in less than five seconds? If you are having an #anaphylaxis reaction, will those around you find your life saving epinephrine's?

Get those epi's out of the kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers, medicine cabinets, and bags. Place

them inside a clear bowl or nice shallow basket in a high traffic area and visible to everyone: on a table or shelf by the home entrance, on a hook next to the front door, or next to where home and car keys are always placed.

Think of first aid epinephrine #carriers, #holsters#pouches and #waist slings as the most important and "must have" clothing accessory. Make sure you get only those that have prominently displayed the universal medical alert symbol which will help others easily find where you keep your epi's in case of an emergency.  

In 2005 the OmaxCare family decided to make available to others three products they designed for their personal use: the #Legbuddy holster, the #WaistPal athletic sling with no buckles and the leather case #WaistBuddy

One Epinephrine carrier for every daily activity
For adults and parents who need to pass along the responsibility of carrying their children epi's the #WaistBuddy is an elegant and functional clip on case handsomely crafted with boxed leather. A leather covered strong metal rotating clip makes it easy to clip on to pants and skirts without the need of wearing a belt. 

WaistPal Front Pocket with one Epipen inside

The WaistPal is ideal for anyone age five and older.  Designed with no plastic buckles, fully lined, waterproof, fire-retardant and easy access insulated pockets has made this unique product the #1 Epipen carrier among students of all ages.

The concealed LegBuddy is  a great choice to discreetly and comfortably carrying any first aid kits medications especially prescription emergency med's such as the epineprhine auto injectors Epipen and/or AuviQ. Available in three sizes and seasonal colors, this well designed high quality carrier is made of high quality neoprene that helps maintain the temperature of the medications and is also water resistant and fire retardant.
WaistBuddy available at
LegBuddy first aid epipen holster by OmaxCare