How teens and men can comfortably carry their life saving medications

Why teens and men don't carry their epinephrine?
The large size of the #Epipen tubes is one of the most common reasons why teens ( especially males) say they do not carry their epi's. 

Teen males feel they are always struggling with the issue of carrying the epinephrine.  Many students  carry them  inside a back pack to school/college,  but if they are going out most will leave them at home. “It’s not because we are stupid” …a 19 year old teen stood up and said in a recent food allergy conference.
"Is that they don’t fit in your pant pockets, and if they do,
it creates a funny bulge that makes you look like a weirdo".   

 A new #Auvi-Q talking devise that was smaller in size was only available for a little over a year, but the manufacturers recalled all the products. So waiting for a small auto -injector is not an option.

Regardless of the size of the injectors, when teens and men are given an undergarment epinephrine carrier such as a leg holster or a belt sling that they can hide under their clothing they are more likely to self carry their epi's.

It is also more difficult when you are diagnosed with the allergies at a later age.  If a person starts carrying tmedications when they are in elementary school it just becomes natural.

Help spread the word about epipen and  undergarment carriers.  You could help save a life. Unfortunately, teen boys  and adult males are the least likely to carry their #epineprhine auto injectors and therefore more likely to have a fatal #anaphylaxis allergic reactions.

If you know someone that has food allergies encourage them and assit them in finding an epi carrier. Most don't know they exist. 

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